Orange Oat Scones Recipe

Why We Love This Recipe: A little bit healthy and a whole lot delicious! You can vary the size by using an ice cream scoop or rolling and cutting into

Asparagus & Havarti Quiche Recipe

Why We Love This Recipe: We always make our quiche without a crust so it is gluten-free, light, and fluffy. One base recipe gives us infinite possibilities: bacon & cheddar,

Best Granola Ever at Lafayette Inn

We’ve been serving house-made granola since before it was cool! This original recipe was developed by then innkeeper Marilyn too many years ago to count. It is less sweet than

Easy Strata Recipe

What is Strata exactly? “Strata” is Italian for “layer”. A breakfast Strata is a cousin of quiche where bread is layered with other tasty ingredients and soaked in an egg