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Where is Easton, PA?

Part of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Easton is situated 60 miles north of Philadelphia and 80 miles west of Manhattan. Easton is an artsy, vibrant small town with a rich history. It was the site of the July 8, 1776, public reading of the Declaration of Independence in Centre Square and celebrates this occasion with Heritage Day each July.

George Washington launched General Sullivan’s northern campaign from Easton, and the Northampton Historical and Genealogical Society is an excellent resource for seeking insights into your family tree. The historic Easton Cemetery is noted for its design, architecture and landscaping and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Its grounds offer lovely walking trails.

Easton also boasts that their version of the stars and stripes pre-dates Betsy Ross’ version, and the original flag is on display at the public library.

The Sigal Museum in downtown Easton explores the local history in depth with interactive displays, special programs and galleries for special exhibits. The National Canal Museum offers insights into a by-gone era of transportation, and the buildings of the Moravian settlement of the early 18th century are still in use in Bethlehem.