Attractions and Things to Do in Easton, PA

Easton has some great restaurants, attractions, shops, and outdoor activities. This page will give you an overview of the best things to do in Easton, PA, and Lehigh Valley.

The Best Things to Do in Easton, PA

Delectable Dining

The restaurant scene in Easton, PA, continues to grow.

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Outdoor Activities

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If you’re looking to get some fresh air and reconnect with Mother Nature, here are some options. The town is situated alongside the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers, which means there are plenty of outdoor activities to discover and beautiful sights to see. From biking to hiking to tubing to fishing, there’s always a way to get outside and explore!

Activities for the Whole Family

Children of well-behaved parents are always welcome at The Lafayette Inn, and there’s so much to do with the entire family in the Lehigh Valley.

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The Amazing Arts Scene

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Here are a few options…  tell us if you find something you particularly like!  We will give you a cookie if you so.


Between factories, museums, and theaters, Easton is sure to entertain. Ready, set… GO

dorney park


easton farmers' market

Want to do some retail therapy?  Track a few of these down…