Like any civilized society, we need some guidelines to help us all work better together.  As much as possible, we are looking for a win/win.  We want each guest to feel loved.  And the hotel needs to survive.  If there are any questions about our policies, please ask.  We truly want you to have a good experience while visiting the Lafayette.


These days schedules change fast.  It is expensive to hold rooms for guests to have them later cancel when plans change; sometimes this one-sided contract is a real challenge. To minimize lost revenues (and avoid rate increases), we encourage our guests to be a bit more sure of their plans prior to booking.

To cancel or re-schedule your reservation there is a $25 administrative fee, and we would need to hear from you no later than 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Last-minute cancellations (within 3 days of booking), regardless of the reason, will result in a charge to your credit card of the full amount or two nights, whichever is less.

Sometimes cancelations are due to a number of factors – from transportation to illness.  While we WANT to be sensitive to our guests needs, we can’t afford to break policy for every possible difficulty a guest may encounter.  We are sorry about that.


Rates quoted are for double occupancy. A third and fourth person can be accommodated in some rooms for $20 per night for each person over four years of age. No rooms can accommodate more than four persons regardless of age.

Some guests volunteer to sleep on the floor… sorry, that does not work for us.

ONLY a very few rooms will accommodate cots.  This is a safety and maintenance issue; we will not make exceptions.  Likewise, cots are not comfortable, and crowd a room.  If additional sleeping space is needed, we highly recommend additional rooms.


We LOVE guests, BUT…  during weekends and any peak period, we must say NO.  Often we have families visiting family and wish to host additional guests that are not staying at the hotel.  If we say “yes” to one, we need to say yes to all.  We just can’t do it.

When the hotel is not busy, a hotel guest may have a guest or two.  The charge is $20 per person.

Currently we set reservations for breakfast when the hotel is full.  Otherwise all 40 guests want to sit at our five tables and have a nice long breakfast – all at 9 a.m.  Some folks enjoy the excitement of the long line at the door… people rushing and bumping into each other.  We hate it… it makes for a very sloppy breakfast.

Reservations are booked at check in.


You are welcome to arrive between the hours of 3PM to 9PM on the day of your reservation.

Repeat guests are ALWAYS welcome to check in after hours.  We would rather have the chance to introduce ourselves to new guests; checking in before 9 p.m. is HIGHLY recommended.  If late check-in is unavoidable, we will do all we can to accommodate your needs, but you would be required to contact the hotel the day of arrival to make arrangements.

OFTEN guests want to check in early and then check out late.  Frankly, we find this flattering!  HOWEVER, it nearly kills the housekeeping staff that work tirelessly to keep a 100 year old building fresh and clean.  We NEED time to get the rooms ready.  Please have mercy!  If you wish to check in early, we can’t promise until the day of arrival.  If it is critical to check in early, we recommend you book the night before so we can assure you that the room will be ready.

We will charge for late check out.  YET if we can do a late check out, we typically do not charge for an extra hour… but we reserve the right to charge if we are backed into a corner.  We really need time to get rooms ready for the next guest.


A group booking is 4 or more rooms and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve rooms.  If we hold rooms for a large group and the group decides to cancel, it can be painfully expensive to the hotel.  We need to be careful.

WE LOVE our groups… but they need to love us back.  It is important to be sure of dates and rooms before asking us to take rooms out of inventory.

Likewise, we are a small 17 room hotel.  We really can’t afford to put all our eggs in one basket without asking for a more confident plan.


The Lafayette Inn is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is permitted outdoors only. Candles or any live flames are not permitted (100+ year old building… and it needs to be protected!).


Our guests enjoy a quiet environment! After 9 p.m., we keep things low key. There are neighboring establishments that can accommodate our more lively groups in the later evening hours. A long, long time ago, this historic building was a fraternity house. Those days are OVER. 🙂


Our Pet-Friendly Lodging Policies:

We welcome ONE dog and cat traveling with their well-behaved owners in Suites 1 & 2.

Bowls, mat, towel, treats, and clean-up bags are provided. There is a $40 per night additional charge

Pets cannot be left alone in the room.  Please do not let the dogs on the beds… no one wants to sleep in a bed after someone else’s dog.  It would be nice if you have a doggy bed if he or she needs a more comfortable sleeping spot.  All the general stuff too; no biting, barking (dogs do bark, and sometimes a yelp will come out… which happens!).  Smelly animals are not so great either.

You can download our full pet policy here.


“… best of all, our puppy was treated like royalty. Best place ever, bar none!” – Charles and Terri