Upcoming Shows You Need to See at State Theatre Center for the Arts

Easton has an incredible art and culture scene just waiting for you to explore. The State Theatre Center for the Arts is a fascinating building from the 1800s and a popular attraction for visitors and locals. The venue now hosts popular shows, concerts, and events for visitors of all ages. Plus, it’s only about a five-minute drive from The Lafayette Inn. 

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What to See at State Theatre Center for the Arts

State Theatre Center for the Arts in Easton is a historic venue that holds shows, including the nation’s best Broadway musical tours, world-renowned musicians, popular comedians, and numerous family-friendly events. It even hosts an annual awards show called the Freddy Awards to recognize the best musical theater productions in Lehigh Valley high schools.

The Fascinating History of State Theatre Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts started out as the Northampton National bank in 1873. After becoming a theatre and undergoing several name changes, the attraction was almost taken down. That’s when a group called the “Friends of the State Theatre” saved it. They raised money to keep the theatre and turned it into a non-profit organization. 

The Haunted Theatre in Easton

Fred the Ghost is one of the most famous ghosts in all of Lehigh Valley. J. Fred Overstock managed the company that owned the theatre and is honored every year with the Freddy Awards. Visitors and locals sometimes see the ghost of Fred roaming around backstage from time to time!

Upcoming Events in 2020

The theatre has fantastic events happening all year-round, but here are some upcoming shows in 2020 that might interest you.

Parking at StateTheatre Center for the Arts

If you are visiting the theatre for a show, you can park at the Pine Street Garage at 3rd and Ferry Streets. That’s about four blocks away, and you can hop on the free trolley that stops at 3rd Street and Pine Street before and after the show.

Unwind after an Exhilarating Performance at State Theatre Center for the Arts

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Room #3 is the perfect place to rest your head after a day of exploring Lehigh Valley, or after seeing a show. This accommodation is elegantly decorated with pops of red, resembling the theatrical, red curtains of the State Theatre. This is one of the largest of the traditional rooms on the first floor, so it can be suitable for three people. Check our availability, and book this elegant room for your next visit to Easton!