How We Can All Support Easton, PA, Right Now

The global health crisis we are currently living in is devastating. Our thoughts remain with those that are affected by this virus and those that are caring for them. The COVID-19/Coronavirus situation is making life challenging at the moment for all of us— especially local businesses across the country. Whether it be a boutique shop, delicious restaurant, fun-filled attraction, or family-owned inn, if it’s a local business, you can be sure that they’re feeling a hit. 

Throughout this health crisis, the charming town of Easton, PA, and it’s locally-owned businesses are facing challenges. Some companies have temporarily closed, and some have had to alter the way they’re operating business significantly. As a local business ourselves, The Lafayette Inn, we know that we’re all in this together and that now more than ever, we need to support each other. These business owners are our neighbors, our friends, and our family.

To help support our small businesses, there is a list that showcases ways you can help support Easton, PA, during this challenging time. It features online stores you can shop right now, restaurants that are offering delivery or curbside pickup, and places where you can get the supplies your family needs. 

Curbside Pickup Businesses

Life is stressful enough at the moment, and a good meal can do wonders. Save your groceries and let these restaurants feed you and your family. When you arrive at the restaurant, they’ll bring your order out so you can pick up curbside. Share a photo of your delicious meal on social media by using the hashtag #supporteaston.

Delivery Businesses

Many of our Easton businesses and restaurants are currently offering delivery. That means you’ll get your favorite comfort foods and essential products and supplies delivered right to your doorstep. Share a photo of your delivery on social media by using the hashtag #supporteaston.

Online Retail Businesses

You can shop some of your favorite local shops and boutiques online. From art supplies and toys for the kiddos stuck at home to your favorite hair and skin care products, these businesses are counting on you and are here to provide you with what you need (or want!). Share a photo of your online purchase on social media by using the hashtag #supporteaston.

Purchase a Gift Card

One of the best ways we can support your favorite businesses right now is by purchasing a gift card from them. Send it to a neighbor or friend who could use it now, or hold on to it and give it as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday. Every little bit helps! 

The Lafayette Inn Appreciates You

During times like these, it’s essential to think positive thoughts and think to positive days ahead. Remember, that troubling times won’t last forever, and we’ll all deserve a vacation after this! Set yourself up for success in the future and purchase a gift certificate to The Lafayette Inn now. Then, when it’s time to plan your next getaway, you’ll already be one step ahead! Or, you can have a stash of gift cards on hand, so when the next holiday or birthday comes up, you have the perfect gift to give. 

Your kind words can help out businesses like ours considerably as well. Taking a moment to write a review detailing your positive experience would mean the world to us. 

Stay positive, friends! We can’t wait to see you in Easton, PA, and at The Lafayette Inn

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